I am on Arch using VirtualBox from community repo and Genymotion from AUR. Whenever i want to start a virtual device it says:

Unable to load VirtualBox engine.

Make sure that it is properly installed before starting Genymotion.

For more information please refer to: https://cloud.genymotion.com/page/faq/#vbox

I've already reinstalled everything nothing seems to work.

When i use


"vboxnetadp vboxnetflt vboxpci vboxdrv" are loaded and genymotion works for this session until i reboot the system.

I use a virtualbox.conf at /etc/modules-load.d/ to load "vboxnetadp vboxnetflt vboxpci vboxdrv".

$cat /etc/modules-load.d/virtualbox.conf 

I'm not a linux crack but I thought /etc/modules-load.d/virtualbox.conf would automatically load the modules - so i do not need to use #vboxreload after each reboot?

  • Got it. I am really dumb. Didnt see that i have copied the modules and \n was inserted instead of a new line.
    – Tak3r07
    Oct 18, 2014 at 14:41
  • stackoverflow.com/a/28736885/2652524 this also the same answer as jiajia jiang Apr 8, 2016 at 23:02
  • Do not have enough rep here to add an answer. Came across this in google search. On Fedora had to put selinux into permissive mode.
    – Panther
    Sep 13, 2017 at 1:46

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sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup
  • It fix the error, however, if I open a android 5.1 (Lollipop) the error comes up again, other versions were doing fine.
    – ralphgabb
    Jul 30, 2015 at 0:20
sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic build-essential dkms
sudo apt-get remove --purge virtualbox-dkms
sudo apt-get install virtualbox
  • 1
    Can you explain how this solves the issue? He mentioned that he tried re-installing everything and that didn't help.
    – Brett
    Dec 23, 2014 at 17:23
  • I have solved my problem myself (see comment in OP). Btw what you have posted may helps for debian or ubuntu based systems, but not arch
    – Tak3r07
    Dec 24, 2014 at 20:25
  • OP says "I am on arch", why have you posted a debian / ubuntu solution? Feb 21, 2016 at 13:45
  • Ohh yeah! thanks! if anyone have some issue with the first command, try sudo dpkg --configure -a before it. Mar 16, 2019 at 2:07

In Linux VirtualBox Module compilation by running following command:

sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup

If the above command fails, use:

sudo /sbin/rcvboxdrv setup

then restart virtualBox

/usr/bin/VirtualBox restart

If you have not vboxdrv file

Reinstall virtualbox-dkms:

sudo apt-get --reinstall install virtualbox-dkms
  • @luliia This removes currently installed virtualbox packages (downloaded from vb's website) and installs virtualbox and dependencies from ubuntu repo on my Ubuntu 17.04.
    – sziraqui
    Jul 11, 2017 at 17:03

In my case (Ubuntu 18) I installed the last Vbox and after I disabled the secure boot from the BIOS


You can have a problem like me. I had same errors but advices didn't help me. But I found a lot of host-only networks in my virtualbox (you can check it, run virtualbox file->preference->networks->host-only networks). I removed all "vboxnetXXX" and genymotion became to execute.

You can use sh script to remove it all:

for i in $(seq 0 255); do 
     VBoxManage hostonlyif remove vboxnet$i

For Linux Mint sudo /sbin/rcvboxdrv setup command worked for me. I guess same should work on Ubuntu and other debian builds.


In my case, it was a problem with VirtualBox itself and UEFI secure boot. I disabled it in the BIOS and it sorted out.


Change the version of VirtualBox and start Genymotion again. It will work fine.


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