I am using Qt 4.5 and Windows XP. I need to create an Microsoft Excel Document that has data (some labels and values) from the Qt application. I need to format those data with some fonts,bold,italics,color, background color etc., Besides ordinary data, there will be Picture files (JPG) also. I need to add those into the Excel. I know retrieving values from Excel using QAxWidget, QAxObject. But I don't have a clue about the formatting options that can be applied to cells through Qt and adding images as well?? Any help regarding this are welcome.

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There are a few options:

  1. Use a cross platform library
    • xlslib is one such library
  2. Use the Excel Object model directly If your program will run on a machine that has office installed you can use COM or ActiveX to tie into the Excel object model to create the workbooks. Excel has a rich and complete object that will let you do most operations.
  3. Write to an intermediate database Write the QT data to some type of database and pull the data using Excel. This route requires in depth Excel knowledge and a database.
  4. Write out an XML format that Excel can understand

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