I sometimes use the JavaDoc-view in Eclipse. By default it has a black background and a white font. I'd really like to change it to "black on white" (as in the rest of Eclipse).

I only found a way to manipulate the background-color and the font-type. But where can I change the font-color?

enter image description here


enter image description hereYou can change it using gnome-color-chooser (i did in ubuntu 14.04)
1. Go to ubuntu software center and install gnome-color-chooser.
2. Go to Specific Tab and tick foreground color and background color, change it to back and white respictively.
The color of javaDoc View is changed.


Wouldn't this help if you'd change the 'Tooltip' color in Ubuntu at the OS level?
Go to: System -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Theme -> Customize -> Colors -> Tooltips

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    I just tried it and can confirm that changing the Tooltip text color in the system settings changes the Javadoc View and Javadoc Tooltip color in Eclipse 4.4 on Windows 7; though you may have to play with General > Appearance > Theme if it doesn't work at first. (As a ?bonus it also changes the Heap Status text color :) – TWiStErRob Oct 28 '14 at 23:34

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