Trying to insert into a table (Text Column) via Dapper, and getting the error from Informix:

Illegal attempt to use Text/Byte host variable

I have written a small program to simulate this, and I am still up against problems.

We cannot currently use the Informix drivers, as they do not suit our needs.

using Dapper;
using System;
using System.Data.Odbc;
namespace DapperParamsTest
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            OdbcConnection conn = new System.Data.Odbc.OdbcConnection("Driver={IBM INFORMIX ODBC DRIVER (64-bit)}; Host=bylgia; Server=bylgia; Service=sqlexec; Protocol=onsoctcp; Database=DATABASE; Client_Locale=en_US.CP1252; DB_LOCALE=en_GB.1252");

            var dynParams = new DynamicParameters();

            dynParams.Add("np_text", System.Text.Encoding.Default.GetBytes("TEXT INPUT"), System.Data.DbType.Binary);

            conn.Execute("INSERT INTO notepads (np_c_ref, np_type,np_text) VALUES (?,?,?)",dynParams);


Table Structure:

    np_c_ref int,
    np_type char(1),
    np_text TEXT
  • Question: if you run the exact same op via raw ado.net, with the same parameter values - does it work? – Marc Gravell Oct 21 '14 at 10:48

This question might actually be a lot simpler than my other answer presumes; I've just noticed you say the column is TEXT, yet you are passing it a byte[]. If you want that, you should probably be using the BYTE data type. If you want to use TEXT - just pass it the string (i.e. "TEXT INPUT") and forget about Encoding.

  • I was using Strings, and that didn't work, after some changing around - suddenly it started working - the shame is, I can't explain what I did... – Stuart.Sklinar Oct 22 '14 at 8:37
  • 1
    @Stuart that's where regular / frequent commits can be helpful :) – Marc Gravell Oct 22 '14 at 11:43

I'm not sure I know what setup I would need to repro this... However, here's something to try:

It looks like Informix wants positional parameters. Recent builds of dapper actually support a modified syntax to make this more convenient. Can you try:

conn.Execute("INSERT INTO notepads (np_c_ref, np_type,np_text) VALUES (?np_c_ref?,?np_np_type?,?np_text?)",dynParams);

Also: try using 'T' instead of "T" (character versus string).

This might help if the issue is parameter order. Note also: if this works, you can possibly also use the more-convenient anonymous type approach to specify the parameters:

conn.Execute("INSERT INTO notepads (np_c_ref, np_type,np_text) VALUES (?np_c_ref?,?np_np_type?,?np_text?)",
new { np_c_ref = -1, np_np_type = "T",
    np_text = System.Text.Encoding.Default.GetBytes("TEXT INPUT")

Final final thought: there are virtually no scenarios in which Encoding.Default is either correct or appropriate. It is rarely used, except by mistake.

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