Unit tests that use FakeItEasy randomly fail when trying to fake a simple intefrace. It occurs in different tests occasionally and is not stable.

Here is a sample interface I need to fake:

public interface IJobSuiteFilterApplier
     JobSuiteDto FilterJobSuites(JobSuiteDto jobSuiteDto, JobSuiteFilter jobSuiteFilter);

Here is piece of code that creates the fake and fails sometimes:

var jobSuiteFilterApplier = A.Fake<IJobSuiteFilterApplier>(x => x.Strict());

Here is the exception details:

  Failed to create fake of type "QS.TestShell.Server.ExecutionPlanner.Queries.IExecutionPlannerQueryService".

  Below is a list of reasons for failure per attempted constructor:
    No constructor arguments failed:
      No usable default constructor was found on the type QS.TestShell.Server.ExecutionPlanner.Queries.IExecutionPlannerQueryService.
      An exception was caught during this call. Its message was:
      Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.

    at FakeItEasy.Core.DefaultExceptionThrower.ThrowFailedToGenerateProxyWithResolvedConstructors(Type typeOfFake, String reasonForFailureOfUnspecifiedConstructor, IEnumerable`1 resolvedConstructors)
   at FakeItEasy.Creation.FakeObjectCreator.TryCreateFakeWithDummyArgumentsForConstructor(Type typeOfFake, FakeOptions fakeOptions, IDummyValueCreationSession session, String failReasonForDefaultConstructor, Boolean throwOnFailure)
   at FakeItEasy.Creation.FakeObjectCreator.CreateFake(Type typeOfFake, FakeOptions fakeOptions, IDummyValueCreationSession session, Boolean throwOnFailure)
   at FakeItEasy.Creation.DefaultFakeAndDummyManager.CreateFake(Type typeOfFake, FakeOptions options)
   at FakeItEasy.Creation.DefaultFakeCreatorFacade.CreateFake[T](Action`1 options)
   at FakeItEasy.A.Fake[T](Action`1 options)

When I add the following, tests pass, but do it looks strange that I need to add it to all the fake creation:

var jobSuiteFilterApplier = A.Fake<IJobSuiteFilterApplier>(x => x.Strict().Synchronized());

public class CallSynchronizer : IInterceptionListener
    private static readonly object SynchronizationLock = new object();

    public void OnBeforeCallIntercepted(IFakeObjectCall interceptedCall)

    public void OnAfterCallIntercepted(ICompletedFakeObjectCall interceptedCall, IFakeObjectCallRule ruleThatWasApplied)

public static class MyPersonalFakeExtensions
    public static IFakeOptionsBuilder<T> Synchronized<T>(this IFakeOptionsBuilder<T> builder)
        return builder.OnFakeCreated(fake => Fake.GetFakeManager(fake).AddInterceptionListener(new CallSynchronizer()));


Update: I am running the tests using ReSharper test runner on developer machine and using mstext.exe on build server. The concurrency settings allow for multiple tests to be run at once.

  • What unit test framework are you using? Are you running the unit tests in parallel or creating fakes on multiple threads? That seems to be an open issue. – Mike Zboray Oct 22 '14 at 7:10
  • Sorry for not mentioning it. I am using FakeItEasy. I am running the tests using ReSharper test runner on developer machine and using mstext.exe on build server. – Boris Modylevsky Oct 22 '14 at 7:15

Update: FakeItEasy 2.0.0 has drastically improved support for tests run in parallel. Try it.

as mike z mentioned: FakeItEasy currently doesn't support multi-threaded tests. This is because not all internals are thread-safe, and it's not easy to make it completely thread-safe. There's an open issue, number 60, for supporting multi-threaded test execution.

For now the solution you provided is the only way to achieve this, as originally explained here http://hmemcpy.com/2012/12/running-multithreaded-unit-tests-with-fakeiteasy/.

There is no way to globally add an interception listener to all fakes, however you can use the FakeConfigurator<T> class to automate this behaviour per type, so you could opt to include, for each faked type, a class such as

public class SomeTypeSynchronousConfigurator : FakeConfigurator<ISomeType>
    public override void ConfigureFake(ISomeType fakeObject)
                 .AddInterceptionListener(new CallSynchronizer());

FakeItEasy will discover the class and every new fake of (in this case) ISomeType will have the synchronizer applied—you can make the fake just like var fake = A.Fake<ISomeType>();.

  • Thank you for your answer. – Boris Modylevsky Oct 22 '14 at 9:34
  • +1 Philipp for the answer and +1 Blair for the nice embellishment! – Adam Ralph Oct 23 '14 at 5:28

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