I tried to use Instagram oauth API login but I can't get User email where as I can get profile picture, user url, comments and all.

So can anyone tell me if there is any option to get user email?

Here is snippet for you:

print_r($result->data); exit;
    // display all user likes
    foreach ($result->data as $media) {
        $content = "<li>";

        // output media
        if ($media->type === 'video') {
            // video
            $poster = $media->images->low_resolution->url;
            $source = $media->videos->standard_resolution->url;
            $content .= "<video class=\"media video-js vjs-default-skin\" width=\"250\" height=\"250\" poster=\"{$poster}\"
                       data-setup='{\"controls\":true, \"preload\": \"auto\"}'>
                         <source src=\"{$source}\" type=\"video/mp4\" />
        } else {
            // image
            $image = $media->images->low_resolution->url;
            $content .= "<img class=\"media\" src=\"{$image}\"/>";

        // create meta section
        $avatar = $media->user->profile_picture;
        $username = $media->user->username;
        $comment = $media->caption->text;

        $content .= "<div class=\"content\">
                       <div class=\"avatar\" style=\"background-image: url({$avatar})\"></div>
                       <div class=\"comment\">{$comment}</div>

Here I can get avatar,username and comment. But I need email to be fetched.

Thanks in advance

  • I think it is possible to get email and phone, but not everyone can do it. I saw some apps those took my email and auto-enter it in text box
    – ivanovd422
    Sep 20 '18 at 13:33

The API don't return the user email. This is an example of all the fields that you can get: http://instagram.com/developer/endpoints/users/#get_users


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