I just updated my android SDK in order to get the android 5 updates. Those are the steps I did:

  • Updated the android-SDK
  • Updated the eclipse plugins
  • Updated my project build target=21 and targetSdkVersion=21

Then I ran my app (wich uses the compat-v7 library) and found that the navigation drawer seems buggy. The app icon in the action bar is gone and the overall style seems incorrect (see the picture 2).

So I took the "Creating a Navigation Drawer" example and performed the following test:

Downloaded the sample project, updated the build target and targetSdk and replaced the android-support-v4.jar with the Compat-v7 library (revision 21) . Changed the ActionBarDrawerToggle import from android.support.v4... to import android.support.v7...

The result is correct:

Picture 1:

enter image description here

Then I try to swap the MainActivity parent class from Activity to ActionBarActivity, changing getActionBar() calls with getSupportActionBar() and getFragmentManager() with getSupportFragmentManager()

Also added the android:theme="@style/Theme.AppCompat" theme to the activity

It works but the app icon is missing and the options menu are not shown as an action. See screenshots below.

Picture 2:

enter image description here

How can I fix it?


With the code:


You get the following bar:

enter image description here

It is pretty ok but I preffer the compact version, where the drawer indicator/ arrow have no padding with the icon (see image below). How can I achieve it?

enter image description here

  • I have got the same issue with the toolbar eating up my menu options and putting them in the overflow menu:/ Have you found a solution for this ? – DrkStr Nov 12 '14 at 7:28

This is actually the intended behavior for the new Material Design paradigm. According to the official documentation on Toolbar:

In modern Android UIs developers should lean more on a visually distinct color scheme for toolbars than on their application icon. The use of application icon plus title as a standard layout is discouraged on API 21 devices and newer.


Maybe this will help you:


UPDATE: You can find the answer for your second question here:

How to change Toolbar navigation icon and options menu margin


This is working as intended, the app icon is not displayed by default now. You can call the following to display the icon again.

ActionBar ab = getSupportActionBar();

After you switch to new ActionBarActivity, it looks like it hides home/Logo of Actionbar. And the @style/Theme.AppCompat has not Logo by default. You can enable it with .setHomeButtonEnabled(true);

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