I have a Jenkins job that calls a groovy script and the groovy script uses Jenkins parameters to do it's work. I can retrieve all the parameters without a problem except for a boolean parameter. The boolean parameter is a checkbox in Jenkins

unselected boolean parameter

I read the jenkins parameter into Groovy as follows:

boolean libraryBranch = config.get('library_branch_feature');

Now when I print the 'libraryBranch' variable

out.println "-- Library branch feature?: " + libraryBranch.toString();

I get the following printed line:

-- Library branch feature ?: true

So it doesn't matter if the boolean Jenkins parameter is selected or not I always have a boolean value 'true' in Groovy. All other (string) parameters inside the same job are read without a problem.

Can someone help me with this issue?


Ok I've decided to try and retrieve the code in a couple of other ways and tyring to find a good solution:

Boolean libraryBranch = build.buildVariableResolver.resolve("library_branch_feature");
String libraryBranchString = build.buildVariableResolver.resolve("library_branch_feature").toString();
Boolean libraryBranchStringAsBoolean = build.buildVariableResolver.resolve("library_branch_feature") as Boolean;

The above variables are then printed:

out.println "-- Library branch feature?: " + libraryBranch;
out.println "-- Library branch feature to String: " + libraryBranch.toString();
out.println "-- Library branch feature to String: " + libraryBranch.toString();
out.println "-- Library branch feature as String: " + libraryBranchString;
out.println "-- Library branch feature String as Boolean: " + libraryBranchStringAsBoolean;

The output of the above prints are posted below:

-- Library branch feature?: true
-- Library branch feature to String: true
-- Library branch feature to String: true
-- Library branch feature as String: false
-- Library branch feature String as Boolean: true

So the only way thus far to have the boolean value read correctly as a false is by not turning it into a boolean at all but just reading it as a string and use it as a string.

I would rather use it as a boolean though so any suggestions on the matter is still appreciated.

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The answer is to read the Jenkins parameter as String and then convert it to a boolean using the method .toBoolean(); So my libraryBranch is now set as follows:

boolean libraryBranch = build.buildVariableResolver.resolve("library_branch_feature").toString().toBoolean();
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The question and the answers are a bit dated. The modern method to consume a boolean parameter is to use the params. global values. params properly exposes Boolean parameters such that the following both work and require no string/boolean conversions.

            if (params.library_branch_feature) {
                // truth logic here
// or 
            if (params.library_branch_feature != false) {
                // truth logic here

From the Pipeline Syntax for params.:

Exposes all parameters defined in the build as a read-only map with variously typed values. Example:

if (params.BOOLEAN_PARAM_NAME) {doSomething()} or to supply a nontrivial default value:

if (params.getOrDefault('BOOLEAN_PARAM_NAME', true)) {doSomething()}

NOTE: It may not make sense that a boolean parameter can have NO value, but '.getOrDefault()' is useful to set default values for string parameters.

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    This should be the correct answer, except false logic. It should be if(!params.library_branch_feature) { // false logic here } Oct 8, 2021 at 10:35
  • does this always work sometimes I get it ok sometimes jenkins still goes crazy and skips my stages when it feels like Jan 20, 2022 at 18:19

Just out of curiosity, I tried the following:

Set the variable 'testmode' as a boolean in the pipeline setup. Start the job, with testmode set false (unchecked). In the pipeline script, run the following code immediately upon entry:

    if (testmode==false) { print "testmode tests true"}else{print "testmode tests false"}

you will see the result 'testmode tests false'.

To verify my claim that the 'boolean' variable testmode is ACTUALLY a string when it comes in, I tried:


and it blew up on the 2nd 'toBoolean'. I'll spare you the error message...

So, I claim that testmode comes in as the string "false" instead of as a boolean (whether because of promotion, demotion, forcing, whatever).

So, if its a boolean parameter, and you really wanted to treat it like a boolean and not have to say 'if (booleanvar=="true")', then convert it to a boolean as above and you're done.


I encountered the same problem with reading java Properties - retrieved boolean values are always true. So, say I have a settings file with property debugging=false. This test will fail:

class ConfigurationTest extends GroovyTestCase {
    void testProcessConfiguration() {
        Properties properties=new Properties()
        FileReader fileReader=new FileReader('settings')
        boolean debug=properties.getOrDefault('debugging',false)
        assert !debug

But if you make it properties.getOrDefault('debugging',false).toString().toBoolean() it will return correct value. Probably this is because of coercion?

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