I'm trying to send 0x01 HEX as Byte by socket_write($socket, XXXX , 1);

There is part of documentation:

"...If yes, server will reply to module 0x01, if not – replay 0x00. Server must send answer – 1 Byte in HEX format"

Is there any solution to do this by PHP?

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    pack()/unpack, or string escapes "\x01". – mario Oct 22 '14 at 17:28
  • I have tried this: $data = pack('H*', "0x01"); socket_write($socket, $data , 1); ...but it's not working. – Enid Oct 22 '14 at 18:19
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There are multiple alternatives:

  • When using the pack() function, the string argument to the H* format specifier should not include the 0x prefix.

    pack("H*", "01")
  • To convert a single hex-number into a byte you can also use chr().


    Here PHP first interprets the hex-literal 0x01 into a plain integer 1, while chr() converts it into a string. The reversal (for socket reading) is ord().

  • The most prevalent alternative is using just using C-string escapes:


    Or in octal notation:

  • hex2bin("01") works just like pack("H*") here. And there's bin2hex for the opposite direction.

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