I need a java api, that cannot use JMF, to play video interpreted by the SO codecs but i want to retrieve the each frames in java code. Somebody know some?


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Have a look at FMJ. It does not require the Java Media Framework (JMF).

They have an example at the bottom of the page that writes out the first 5 frames of the video to files, so you should be able to get to the individual frames.


FMJ is very much out-of-date and JMF is a lost cause (yes one of those is IMHO). If you want something that works and will do exactly what you have described, try Xuggle. In their media tools examples they offer a simple player example using AWT / Swing. http://xuggle.com/


If you're OK with Java wrapper around FFMpeg, try velvet-video.

Code snippet to extract images from a video file:

IVelvetVideoLib lib = VelvetVideoLib().getInstance();
try (IDemuxer demuxer = lib.demuxer(new File("/some/path/example.mp4"))) {
    IDecoderVideoStream videoStream = demuxer.videoStream(0);
    IFrame videoFrame;
    while ((videoFrame = videoStream.nextFrame()) != null) {
        BufferedImage image = videoFrame.image();
        // Use image as needed...

A more advanced example of video player implementation using velvet-video can be found here.

Disclaimer: I am the author of velvet-video.

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