I would like my application to prevent from adding identical jobs on my Windows service. That means if the job key exists, I would like to warn the user about it. I am using my scheduler's CheckExists() method like this:

IScheduler sched = scheduler.GetScheduler();
IJobDetail postbagjob = JobBuilder.Create<PostbagJob>()
    .WithIdentity(jobName, jobGroup)
    .UsingJobData("CampaignId", campaignId.ToString())
    .UsingJobData("CampaignType", campaignType)
ITrigger postbagJobTrigger = (ICronTrigger)TriggerBuilder.Create()
    .WithIdentity(triggerName, triggerGroup)
if (sched.CheckExists(postbagjob.Key))
    MsgBox.Show("Job already exists!");
    MsgBox.Show("It's ok. You can schedule this job.");

The problem is this function receives a JobKey as the argument. And by that I assume that the job should already be created. So the code above will give an exception. Is there a way to check if a specific JobKey exists before we create a job?

I know that a way of doing it is to loop through all the jobs. But can we do it without it?


You can create a JobKey without creating a job. JobKey has both public constructor and public factory methods.

var jobKey = new JobKey(jobName, jobGroup);
if (sched.CheckExists(jobKey)) //...

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