Is there any way to simply set up a global, system-wide proxy for gradle?

Yes, I know there is a systemProp.http.proxyHost, ...etc settings in the current gradle.properties file, but it works only in the actual project. But

  • I won't set it up in every gradle project
  • and I won't change the source code of a project because of my local network configuration.

So, is there any "global gradle.properties" file or so?

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Yes it seems possible. See here, especially:

We can define a gradle.properties file and set the property in this file. We can place the file in our project directory or in the <USER_HOME>/.gradle directory. The properties defined in the property file in our home directory take precedence over the properties defined in the file in our project directory. As a bonus we can also define system properties in a gradle.properties file, we only have to prefix the property name with systemProp..

The gradle.properties files can be found at the following paths:

# windows gradle file

# linux gradle file
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    On Windows you can find it directly here: %userprofile%\.gradle\gradle.properties On Linux you'll find it here ~\.gradle\gradle.properties – fty4 Mar 19 '19 at 7:59
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    @fty4, you can edit my answer to contain the paths from your comment. – Opal Mar 19 '19 at 8:29

For an easy copy&paste solution of @Opal's answer


add this to $HOME/.gradle/gradle.properties (Linux, OSX, Unices) or %userprofile%\.gradle\gradle.properties (Windows, as of @fty4).

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