I want to customise how a database is imported using Code First to an Existing Database and I followed the procedure for installing the transform templates found in the Entity Framework documentation. However when I do this I get an error (see image)

enter image description here

I have tried a few things and I can confirm it is about having the the Context.cs.T4 or the EntityType.cs.T4 as part of the project. I would appreciate help as I'm stuck on this.


  • Using Visual Studio 2013
  • EntityFramework 6.1.1
  • EntityFramework.CodeTemplates.CSharp 6.1.1

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Found it! I had Entity Framework Power Tools Beta 4 installed and that caused the problem. Pity to lose that useful tool, but I just disabled it so can turn it back on when I need it.

Hope this helps someone else as that was difficult to find.

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