Problem: I am using ScrollSection plugin & having a problem with inner div scroll. i.e inside a section there is a div with scroll but when i hover over it to scroll the div, it scrolls the page instead.

What I have tried: I have added a global Boolean variable(named disableScrollSectionMouseWheel) inside the core file of scrollSection plugin which can pause it's functionality of mouse-wheel, Using this switch i have added an event for mouse enter and leave on div, it does stops the page scroll but does not turn on the div scroll!!.

By the way i have created a simple version of this issue in jsFiddle but later i have to integrate it with scroll-magic on this site.


$(function() {
    disableScrollSectionMouseWheel = 0;
    scrollSectionsController = $('section.scrollsections').scrollSections({
        speed: 2000,
        touch: false,
        mousewheel: true,
        exceptions: true,
        scrollMax: 1,
        exceptions: true,
        alwaysStartWithFirstSection: true,
        scrollbar: true
    /* My Script To pause on hover */
    $('section.scrollsections .title').hover(function(e) {
        if ($(this).hasScrollBar()) {
            disableScrollSectionMouseWheel = 1;
    $('section.scrollsections .title').mouseleave(function(e) {
        disableScrollSectionMouseWheel = 0;
(function($) {
    $.fn.hasScrollBar = function() {
        return this.get(0).scrollHeight > this.height();
  • Or you can simple use fullPage.js instead and the option normalScrollElements. – Alvaro Nov 14 '14 at 16:01
  • Full Page JS doesn't uses browser scrolls which means i cant use it with plugins like scrollMagic ~ any ways issue was resolved thanks to @Dmitry – Imran Bughio Nov 15 '14 at 19:03
  • It actually does nowadays. Check out the option scrollBar, there's an example with it. – Alvaro Nov 16 '14 at 18:26
  • In any case, using scrollMagic doesn't make much sense as there are callbacks in fullPage.js for it. But if you still want to use it, you can if you use scrollBar:true. – Alvaro Nov 16 '14 at 18:27
  • @Alvaro Nice ~ I didn't knew that, i will definitely use this in my next project. Looks much more promising then scrollSection which is kind of a dead plugin. – Imran Bughio Nov 17 '14 at 8:20


1. Plugin stops the mousewheel event all the time, so you need to add a condition that checks your variable:

 if(disableScrollSectionMouseWheel) return;//line 455 in my fiddle

2. .title does not have the scroll but the p inside of it has. So you need to add the event handler to the p:

$('section.scrollsections .title p')

EDIT: Also you need to re-enable the plugin when user scrolls to the bottom or top of the p:

    $('section.scrollsections .title p').on('scroll', function() {
        if($(this).scrollTop() + $(this).innerHeight() >= this.scrollHeight) {
            disableScrollSectionMouseWheel = 0;
        if($(this).scrollTop() == 0) {
            disableScrollSectionMouseWheel = 0;

based on Detecting when user scrolls to bottom of div with jQuery

  • Your code makes a weird flicker when you scroll on the p right after you scroll outside. When you detect a scroll on the p maybe you should cancel the animation? – Ismael Miguel Oct 23 '14 at 11:47
  • Thanks Dmitry, There was an animation flick when scrolling top (when inside the p). I have updated your answer. – Imran Bughio Oct 24 '14 at 11:09

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