guys i just have 3 questions about big pipe which used in Facebook and implementation.

is this a design pattern in your opinion or just a technology for decrease the requests response time ???

is there any website instead of facebook blog which could help me to implement this thing?

i have a website with over 50K users at the time and i'm about to change the system and i'm gonna use web socket with node js.

what do you suggest, is this reasonable to spend the time on big pipe or just use it as a regular way?


If you plan to switch to Sockets and NodeJS, why don't you use http://socket.io This should exactly do what you want to achieve.

BigPipe breaks the page generation process into several stages:

  • Request parsing: web server parses and sanity checks the HTTP request.
  • Data fetching: web server fetches data from storage tier.
  • Markup generation: web server generates HTML markup for the response.
  • Network transport: the response is transferred from web server to browser.
  • CSS downloading: browser downloads CSS required by the page.
  • DOM tree construction and CSS styling: browser constructs DOM tree of the document, and then applies CSS rules on it.
  • JavaScript downloading: browser downloads JavaScript resources referenced by the page.
  • JavaScript execution: browser executes JavaScript code of the page.
  • your solution is really interesting and i used it for a simple chat research. but i wanted to know is this reasonable to follow the facebook solution or it's just waisting time??? – Mahan Hazrati Sagharchi Oct 23 '14 at 15:27

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