I'm using an Access database template that I tweaked and linked to ODBC SQL tables for universal use among users. The email database object isn't working anymore but I can't figure it out. i get an error message Syntax Error (comma) in query expression '[Employee Name] = Sanderson, Matthew' Below are the To and CC fields used in the macro.

To: =DLookUp("[Email]","[employees extended]","[Employee Name] =" & Nz([Assigned To],0))

CC:=DLookUp("[Email]","employees extended","[Employee Name]=" & Nz([Opened By],0))


Your code should be.

To:=Nz(DLookUp("[Email]", "[employees extended]", "[Employee Name] = '" & Nz([Assigned To],0) & "'"), "NoEmail@Domain.com")

CC:=Nz(DLookUp("[Email]", "[employees extended]", "[Employee Name]= '" & Nz([Opened By],0) & "'"), "NoEmail@Domain.com")

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