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I have two variables: $value1 and $value2.

I want to compare the character length of the variables. If $value1 is greater in character length than $value2, then do something.

How can I write this if-statement in good practice?

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strlen does not work for multi byte strings. utf8 is pretty much the most used encoding in the WWW.

Better use mb_strlen instead:

$value1 = 'ö';
$value2 = 'o';
if (mb_strlen($value1) > mb_strlen($value2)) {
    //do something

You can use strlen() for this:

if (strlen($value1) > strlen($value2)) {
    // do things
} else {
    // do other things
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To avoid problems with string enconding I would suggest you to have a look at mb_strlen function (you will need mb_string extension)

if (mb_strlen($value1) > mb_strlen($value2))
   // do stuff
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