I am using d3.time.scale to generate x-axis, and the domain ranges from 1980 to 2013 (year) However, tick value only displays upto 2012, not 2013.

I tried .ticks(), but the final tick value does not display until tick count is 25...

Although I can add the final value by manually increasing the domain upto 2014, is there a way to display the tick value for the last tick?

xAxis = d3.svg.axis()

var maxYear = format.parse('2014')

xScale = d3.time.scale().domain([min,max])
    .range([100,width-200])    //domain = [1980 ~ 2013] 

var min = d3.min(data, function(d) {
    return d.Year;              // + operator converts string to number.

var max = d3.max(data, function(d) {
    return d.Year;

Thank you in advance.

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Have you tried using .nice()?


This should do the job:

xScale = d3.time.scale().domain([min,max])
    .range([100,width-200])    //domain = [1980 ~ 2013]
  • Seems to have no effect Commented Jul 18, 2017 at 19:30
  • @CodeWhisperer You may be using d3 v4. Terminology is a bit different: scaleTime instead of time.scale. Function nice is still here, have a look at d3.js v4 documentation
    – Mehdi
    Commented Jul 22, 2017 at 9:58

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