Im having trouble with my Laravel application and PSR-4 autoloading. I read that you can have multiple 'sub directory' structure in namespaces like this...


Basically I have my user repositories like so...


All with the namespace Acme\Repositories, but i want to have this directory structure...


but when I move the user repo and interface to the folder UserRepository, i get class not found?

Im sure im just not getting something really simple about namespaces here?


I guess what im asking is how to have the additional directory UserRepository to keep the different repositories separate from say OrderRepositories?


If you moved UserRepositoryInterface to Acme\Repositories\UserRepository\UserRepositoryInterface.php directory, you need to put UserRepositoryInterface in correct namespace:


namespace Acme\Repositories\UserRepository;

interface UserRepositoryInterface {


and then in other files to access you need to also use this new namespace and not the old one

  • OK, here's what I done... i made a directory at Acme\Repositories\UserRepositories and placed UserRepositoryInterface inside it, I changed the namespace inside the file to Acme\Repositories\UserRepositories... but PHPStorm throws a fit, saying 'Undefined Constant UserRepositories'... php debug says "Interface 'Acme\Repositories\UserRepositoryInterface' not found" ?? – Jimmy Howe Oct 24 '14 at 8:05
  • And why you use Acme\Repositories when you moved it into Acme\Repositories\UserRepositories and in the question you asked about Acme\Repositories\UserRepository ? It's not the same – Marcin Nabiałek Oct 24 '14 at 8:07

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