I'm displaying an ActionMode via this code in a Kitkat 4.4.2 device with this code from a Fragment, targetSDK 21. I'm using Theme.AppCompat.Light.DarkActionBar as the default theme in my app:

actionMode = getActivity().startActionMode(EventsFragment2.this);

ActionMode is displayed but as a Light Holo themed widget. So I thought maybe the appcompat library doesn't support ActionMode yet. But then, in the same application, while selecting the some text in an EditText, the material ActionMode with all the fancy flat icons and animations where shown. So the problem is with my code. What am I doing wrong here?

Note: I'm using ActionBarActivity as well.


The answer was simpler than I thought, just use the following code:

ActionBarActivity activity = (ActionBarActivity) getActivity();
actionMode = activity.startSupportActionMode(EventsFragment2.this);

Make sure that you use the correct import, ie..

import android.support.v7.view.ActionMode;

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