So I've got a function that checks how many cancellations are in my booking table:

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION total_cancellations
RETURN number IS
   t_canc number := 0;
   SELECT count(*) into t_canc
   FROM booking where status = 'CANCELLED';
   RETURN t_canc;

To execute his in sql I use:

set serveroutput on
   c number;
   c := total_cancellations();
   dbms_output.put_line('Total no. of Cancellations: ' || c);

My result is:

anonymous block completed
Total no. of Cancellations: 1

My question is can someone help me call the function in JAVA, I have tried but with no luck.

  • I want to learn from your mistakes. Please share the Java code.
    – Tirath
    Oct 24, 2014 at 14:55
  • 1
    if the function is that simple and doesn't modify datas, you can also use a traditional PreparedStatement with "select total_cancellations() from dual".
    – BigMike
    Oct 24, 2014 at 15:12

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Java provides CallableStatements for such purposes .

CallableStatement cstmt = conn.prepareCall("{? = CALL total_cancellations()}");
cstmt.registerOutParameter(1, Types.INTEGER);
cstmt.setInt(2, acctNo);
int cancel= cstmt.getInt(1);
System.out.print("Cancellation is "+cancel);

will print the same as you do in the pl/sql. As per docs Connection#prepareCall(),

Creates a CallableStatement object for calling database stored procedures. The CallableStatement object provides methods for setting up its IN and OUT parameters, and methods for executing the call to a stored procedure.

You can also pass parameters for the function . for ex ,

conn.prepareCall("{? = CALL total_cancellations(?)}");
cstmt.setInt(2, value);

will pass the values to the function as input parameter.

Hope this helps !

  • This does help and is what ive been trying to do where im struggling is to initialize the seInt to the right value. Where you have acctNo in the setInt i dont know what to put here or how to initialize it.
    – SqlNoob
    Oct 24, 2014 at 15:15

Prepare a Callable Statement

There are two formats available, the familiar block syntax used by Oracle and the ANSI 92 standard syntax. In the case of our sample program, the block syntax has the form: CallableStatement vStatement = vDatabaseConnection.prepareCall( "begin ? := javatest( ?, ? ); end;" );

The ANSI 92 syntax has the form:

   CallableStatement vStatement = 
           vDatabaseConnection.prepareCall( "{ ? = call javatest( ?, ? )}");


If you receive the below error, you might want to use the first format.

total_cancellations is not a procedure or is undefined error.

Sample code.

Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:oracle:thin:@xx.xxx.xx.xxx:1521:xxx", "user","pass");
CallableStatement cstmt = conn.prepareCall("begin ? := TEST_FUNC(?,?); end;");
cstmt.registerOutParameter(1, Types.INTEGER);
cstmt.setString(2, "Test");
cstmt.setInt(3, 1001);
int result = cstmt.getInt(1);
System.out.print("Result: " + result);

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