How can I match part of a string using a regular expression in ksh scripts?

I have a string coming into my script which could be something like this: /data/inform/far_proj/scripts/../SrcFiles/load_alfa_data.dat

I have searched for a bit on how to do a regular expression in KornShell, but I haven't been successful. What I have is this: I am looking to see if the string contains load_alfa_data

if [[ $FILENAME = @("load_alfa_data") ]]; then

Thank you for your help


In ksh you can do case:

case "$FILENAME" in
  *load_alfa_data*) echo "found load_alfa_data" ;;
  *)                echo "nope" ;;

The == operator in the builtin [[ command is a pattern match operator

if [[ $FILENAME == *load_alfa_data* ]]; then ...

Your pattern @("load_alfa_data") does not contain any wildcards, so it's basically doing exact string matching.

Get out of the habit of using ALL_CAPS_VARS: one day you'll write PATH=/tmp/foo and then wonder why your script is broken.

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