Using Jenkins ver. 1.585 on Ubuntu 12.04

After installing Jenkins, I then proceeded to enable access control for security.

First, I set the jenkins user password:

sudo passwd jenkins

.. and added the jenkins user to the shadow group:

sudo usermod -G shadow jenkins

.. and restarted jenkins:

sudo service jenkins restart

Then I set the Jenkins security:

Manage Jenkins >> Configure global security

Then checked "Enable security", then selected "Unix user/group database" for the Security Realm and selected "Matrix-based security" for Authorization, and added the "jenkins" user.

After clicking save, Chrome showed a login dialog that you typically get with http auth. Using the jenkins user and password I was unable to login. Clearing my browser cache and cookies didn't change anything.

When using Firefox, I did not get the login dialog, instead I got the jenkins log in form, and was able to successfully log in using the jenkins user.

Why can't I log in using Chrome? Why is it showing me this login dialog?

Did not work in incognito mode for me, but adding a trailing slash to the url, i.e., [url]/jenkins/, worked for me.

  • I've spent the day swearing at Jenkins. This solved my issue. – Jake Greene Aug 31 '15 at 21:36
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I noticed I could log in just fine while in Incognito mode, so I tried deleting my Chrome user (Settings >> Users >> Delete this user), signed back into chrome, and now I can log in to jenkins.

Hopefully this helps others, this took me a long time to figure out.

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