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I searched for a while for a ruby or rails method that I can call to convert a simple string like 1,000.53 into a float value but I couldn't.

All I could see is number_to_human which does the reverse of what I want. Is there anything available for my use case or am I alone (which I dont think). Also all I want is a simple conversion as above with commas and dot. No fancy currency or other any other notation conversion needed.



'1,000.5'.gsub(/,/, '').to_f works but I am looking for an already available method in ruby or rails. Or a better alternative to my solution with gsub.

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  • You can do to_f method to convert a string to a float number. But in this case the string contains a comma character, so you have to delete it first. str = "1,000.53" str.delete(",").to_f This will give you the proper float number. – Abhilash M A Oct 25 '14 at 5:43

First remove all chars from the string that are not a digit or the separator (. in your example). Then call to_f on the sanitised string:

'1,000.53'.gsub(/[^\d^\.]/, '').to_f
# => 1000.53

to_f might work

Try "your_string".to_f

  • nope. it wont. '1,000'.to_f #=> 1.0 – shankardevy Oct 25 '14 at 5:47
  • 3
    Welcome to SO, Laura. '1,000.53'.to_f would return 1.0 because of how the method does coercions. Hence the OP's question. You can always edit your answer, or delete it if it attracts too many downvotes. – Todd A. Jacobs Oct 25 '14 at 6:04

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