Problem is that despite specifying "posts per page" to be 9 in WordPress settings area,
WordPress is NOT counting the post that is injected by the awesome plugin below, therefore my website will display a total of 10 posts (9 posts plus 1 injected post). How can I make WordPress count the injected post?

-My posts are displayed in a 3 column layout.
-I am using the plugin below to inject a post from a specific category called "sponsor".
-In WordPress admin area > Settings > Reading > I set "posts per page" to be 9.

This matters because if I have 2 posts in the category "sponsor" that I want to inject,
then page 1 will display the first sponsored post,
and page 2 will display the second sponsored post,
but page 3 and beyond will display nothing (which is correct because there are no more "sponsor" posts)
so the layout will show empty space.

Workaround that did not work

Using $paged and changing posts_per_page for $paged < 3 caused the plugin to NOT properly work. It would not display injected post for page 2. See $paged code here

Problem: Need WordPress to count the post (injected by the plugin)

X represents my posts
O represents sponsored posts injected by the plugin
If I have 2 posts in "sponsor" category, page 3 and beyond will not have a "sponsor" post to inject so will have empty space:

Page 1    Page 2     Page 3  

X X X      X X X      X X X  
X X X      X X X      X X X  
X O X      X O X      X X  


Click Here for the Github plugin code.

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