I use PocketSphinx to do voice recognition. For example I use a language model like this:

  • Hello
  • Hi
  • World
  • Earth

I say "Hello world", now I want the list of the probabilities/scores of the recognition. Like for the first word "Hello" a possible match could be:

  • "Hello" 90%
  • "Hi" 10%
  • "World" 30%
  • "Earth" 30%

I don't know how PocketSphinx represents the probabilities. It is only an example. Has someone a clue?



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You can retrieve individual segments of hypothesis with iterator:

 print 'Best hypothesis segments: ', [(seg.word, seg.prob) for seg in decoder.seg()]

seg.prob contains the confidence score. To have a meaningful confidence score you need to make sure your language model is large enough.

For small single phrase spotting it's better to use keyword spotting mode.


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