I have a Jtable on which I called the method table1.setAutoCreateRowSorter(true);. So this works on well. But I also have a methos in my JFrame class which is fired when i push a button. It gets the selected rows indexes using this code int selectedRows[] = this.table1.getSelectedRows();. And displays an edit window for the first row corresponding in the selected interval.

The problem is that if I don't click on column's headers (I mean i don't sorte them at all) my method works perfect. But when I sort the row, the indexes of the rows doesn't seems to change at all - thus resulting an edit window for the old row whicn was initially in that position before making any sort.

I am using JDK 6 could anyonw give ma a tip?

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The underlying model does not change order. Only the view changes. You can read more about this in Sun's tutorial. You will need to use JTable.convertRowIndexToView() and JTable.convertRowIndexToModel().

  • Thanks guys now i can find the correct selected value using table1.getModel().getValueAt(table1.convertRowIndexToView(selectedRows[i]), 0);
    – adrian7
    Apr 19, 2010 at 8:40

You need to use convertRowIndexToView(int) and convertRowIndexToModel(int) to convert model (underlying data) indices and view indices.

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