I was wondering if there are any limitations for key-names in the JSON-format. The keys in most examples I have seen so far matched the RegExp [a-zA-Z\-_].

  "name": "My Name",
  "phone-number": 123

But is it also valid to use spaces, slashes, umlauts, etc?

  "name with spaces": "My Name",
  "[phöne-/mobilé-] number": 123,
  "/\- \" )": "nothing",
  "a \"good\" name" : "empty"
  • if you can get the key to work in javascript, you can get the key to work in json, basically. (j)ava(s) (o)bject (n)otation, after all. – Marc B Oct 27 '14 at 16:34

No, there's no restriction. json.org contains the specification for JSON. Keys in object can be any string, and the production for string says that it can contain any Unicode character, as well as various escape sequences.

Everything except the third string are valid json keys. If you have any doubts about some specific key - you can always use JSON validators like this: http://jsonformatter.curiousconcept.com/ If you are interested in the specification of JSON - you can find it on json.org

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