I want to bind an object as highlighted when mouse pointer will be over it.

  .c bind $object <Enter> [list %W itemconfigure $object -width 4]

But how can it be changed into its previous stage automatically when mouse pointer leave on it?


You can bind the <Leave> event to undo your changes:

.c bind $object <Leave> [list %W itemconfigure $object -width 1]

If you have objects with various line widths then you need to store the previous width somewhere or bind the <Leave> event with the appropriate width:

.c bind $object <Enter> [subst {
    %W bind <Leave> [list %W itemconfigure $object -width [%W itemcget -width]]
    %W itemconfigure $object -width 4
  • Since Tk guarantees that at most one canvas item is current (i.e., has been <Enter>ed), just storing the value in a global variable is enough. – Donal Fellows Oct 28 '14 at 9:26
  • Thanks Mr. Slebetman, it is working after some modification. But your idea is very much useful. – Rakesh Lyf Iz Jrny Oct 28 '14 at 9:56

You can call this subroutine several times to terminate this operation :

proc highlightView {object} {
  .c bind $object <Enter> [list %W itemconfigure $object -width 4]
  .c bind $object <Leave> [list %W itemconfigure $object -width [.c itemcget $object -width]]

You can change color to highlight the object using option -fill :

 proc highlightView {object} {
  .c bind $object <Enter> [list %W itemconfigure $object -fill red]
  .c bind $object <Leave> [list %W itemconfigure $object -fill [.c itemcget $object -fill]]

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