I am new in Pentaho Data Integration. I need help/guide on how to loop the csv file column and each column will create a table on it.

I was able to Generate the CSV file via Text File Input and CSV Input step. My problem is I don't know what step to loop through CSV column. I tried to search on the internet but I didn't find similar problem.

Example: Account,Contact,Location Acct-01,"Name 1", "Location 1" Acct-02,"Name 2", "Location 2" Acct-03,"Name 3", "Location 3" Acct-04,"Name 4", "Location 4"

The output should create 3 tables which are Account, Contact, and Location.

Thanks in advance.

  1. First of all, you need to use Header Row Present in CSV File Input step. Now, your first row contains all names you need.
  2. To get first row only, you could use Sample Rows step to get it (just provide line number threr).
  3. Now you somehow need to split row with three values into three rows. You could first use Concat fields step and then Split fields to rows step. Now, you have three rows with your table names.
  4. The step Execute SQL script allows you to run custom SQL for every row, for example create table ${column_name} (col1 varchar(10)). Just don't forget to use Execute for each row and Variable substitution.

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