My question is similar to the following to existing questions

Except where they differ from mine is that I won't have the user Id at the time of requesting the reset, just their email address. E.g. my existing API is:

GET /users
POST /users
GET /users/{userId}
PUT /users/{userId}

userId in these examples are auto generated Ids.

Now I want to model an API where a password reset email can be requested. At this point the userId will not be known. So I was thinking of a few options and wondered if there was an established best practice.

My gut feeling is that this is the most appropriate approach.

PUT /users/password-reset/{emailAddress}

However, I could also expect that a user search could be conducted first to get the correct Id, but it feels unnecessarily chatty to me.

Any feedback is appreciated.


Not sure about the best practices but I would certainly like to experiment with the "Code-on-Demand" part of RESTful style here; so that the email ID is not visible in the HTTP traffic.

Keep a set of simple public-private key encryption algorithms on server side. And randomly send one algorithm on request to "forgot-password" page. Use this algorithm and public key to encrypt the email-ID and

PUT /users/password-reset/{encryptedEmailAddress}

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