I recently bought a prestashop theme. The theme is great but I have a problem. I've created the categories and they are displayed on the left column but on the top are displayed different names. I just can't find those names and I don't know what to do. here is a print screen:enter image description here

Those aren't my categories but I don't know from where I can change this.

  • Maybe it's a list of "suppliers" or most probably "Manufacturers"
    – unloco
    Oct 31, 2014 at 7:57

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I would use this simple method

Open phpMyAdmin and search in all the tables of the shop database like this

Words or values to search for: %YAMAHA% and then Select All tables and search

The table names are easy to read and understand, for example if you found a value in ps_manufacturer then you should check Catalogue > Manufacturers etc ...

Also try using the BackOffice search function although I tried on my demo and it turned nothing when I searched for a Manufaturer that's already added


Maybe these are the names of Manufacturers, You would use the live edit (Modules > positions > Live edit ) to know which module displays this list of names, then check the configuration of the module if its categories or manufacturers)

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