I have many remotes added to my git. Each remote is a repository for one developer. Every day I fetch --all to see any new branches they create that are ready to review.

However, developers can push "private" branches to the remote. Say, all branches named with a underscore prefix are not ready to review, while other branches are ready to review.

When doing the git fetch --all, my git graph (by /libexec/git-core/git-gui) will see all branches no matter whether they have the underscore prefix or not. It complicates the graph.

I want git fetch to ignore those _XXXX branches from being downloaded to my local git. So when I view the git graph it's like:

  • Shows branches: RemoteA/Branch1 , RemoteB/Branch1, RemoteB/Branch2
  • Ignores branches: RemoteA/_Branch2, RemoteB/_Branch3

How can I do this?


Instead of using a '_' naming convention, you could use namespaces, pushing the branch in origin/review/Branch1 (git push Branch1:review/Branch1)
(named "group" in that answer, or "hierarchical branch name (branch names with slash) in that answer)

That way, you only have to fetch what is in the "review' namespace:

git fetch +refs/heads/review/*:refs/remotes/origin/review/*

The only other option would be a script, which would:

  • but how to do to for all remote? git fetch +refs/heads/review/*:refs/remotes/origin/review/* means I have to type in RemoteA in the command to replace the 'origin'. Anything similar but work for --all? – palazzo train Oct 29 '14 at 6:57
  • @palazzotrain you need to loop over all your remote (listed by git remote): easily scriptable. – VonC Oct 29 '14 at 7:02

Expanding on VonC's answer with a special "review" folder1, you can modify your .git/config's entries for your coworkers' remotes. Here is the relevant documentation.

Where it was once

[remote "fred"]
    url = something.git
    fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/fred/*

You can change it to

[remote "fred"]
    url = something.git
    fetch = +refs/heads/review/*:refs/remotes/fred/review/*
    fetch = +refs/heads/other_pattern/*:refs/remotes/fred/other_pattern/*
    fetch = +refs/heads/specific_branch:refs/remotes/fred/specific_branch

After doing so, you may have to clean up the references to refs you have already fetched, but future git fetch --alls or git fetch freds will not update anything outside of the patterns you specified.

1Or as many special or interesting folders/branches as you need.


You could do it in one step with an alias. Add this to your ~/.gitconfig file:

    fall = !sh -c 'git fetch --all && git branch -r | sed /HEAD/d | grep /_ | xargs git branch -dr' --

And then just say git fall. It will delete all remote branches that contain /_.

You can observe the intricacies of aliases that are shell commands. :-/


You could use the ignore-refs option:

git fetch --ignore-refs branch123
  • I am using git 2.8.4, released after this post, but I don't have the ignore-refs option. I did some Googling, and the only references I have to it are for git svn. – Michael Jun 9 '16 at 21:45

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