I'm trying to calculate the aspect ratio of a java.awt.Rectangle in Scala. I'm going for the "ratio of longer side to shorter side" definition of aspect ratio, not the "width to height" type of aspect ratio.

The following code works, but is there any way to avoid temporary variable and turn it into a one-liner?

val sizes = Seq(rect.getWidth, rect.getHeight)
val aspectRatio = sizes.max / sizes.min

An approach, assuming only two values are added to the sequence,

Seq(rect.getWidth, rect.getHeight).sorted.reverse.foldRight(1.0)( _ / _ ) 

The code you propose is more readable though, and lesser prone to errors, at most division by zero would need some care.

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    Creating sequence and doing 3 operations at it is too complicated solution to such easy task. – rtruszk Nov 3 '14 at 22:45

You don't have to create sequence to compute min and max values. You can use Math methods instead

Math.max(rect.getWidth, rect.getHeight) / Math.min(rect.getWidth, rect.getHeight)
val aspectRatio = if(rect.getWidth >= rect.getHeight) rect.getWidth / rect.getHeight else rect.getHeight / rect.getWidth

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