I want to delete data from two tables at a time.


Table 1:

create table del1
cola varchar(10) primary key,
colb varchar(10)

Table 2:

create table del2
cola varchar(10) foreign key references del1(cola) on delete cascade,
colb varchar(10)

Inserting some data:

insert into del1 values('a','b');
insert into del2 values('a','d');

Query to delete the records:

delete from del1 as d1
inner join del2 as d2
on d1.cola= d2.cola 
where d1.cola= 'a'


Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'as'.

Actually u dont need to join the two table's. delete on del1 table it will automatically delete the del2 table since u have on delete cascade

This is what you need.

delete from del1 where cola='a'

This statement will delete from del1 where cola='a' and also the del2 table where cola='a'


Join is Not needed. Due to On Cascade delete it will delete both records

delete from del1 where  cola= 'a'

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