I'm using Python 3.6 while I have to fill in a form. Unfortunately, mechanize doesn't work on Python 3. What do you suggest as an alternative to mechanize?


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SeleniumRC with selenium.py is an alternative (and one of the few workable options if the pages you need to scrape have an important, "structural" role for Javascript operations, esp. AJAX-y ones, since Mechanize doesn't execute the Javascript on the pages it's scraping).


For scraping and form handling you can use lxml.html (it doesn't automate fetching and cookies though).

scrapy is a library specifically for scraping.


I've been successful with Splinter, a solution built on top of Selenium - while providing more pythonic API.


I've used twill for a lot of my testing needs. It works as a stand-alone language for "web browsing" or as a library from Python. It actually uses Mechanize under the hood, so I'm not sure if it will meet your needs -- are you encountering problems intrinsic to Mechanize, or would you benefit from a high level layer?


try zope.browser http://pypi.python.org/pypi?:action=display&name=zope.testbrowser


scrapelib is another option : https://github.com/sunlightlabs/scrapelib

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