I've noticed that listening / observing functions attached to ractive instance:

ractive.on('event', someListener);
ractive.observe('keypath.to.data.property', someListener);

don't throw errors (when they should). Am I doing something wrong, or is it just a downside of using eval-alike Function constructor in Ractive core?

Errors debugging is so hard in such a case...

EDIT: The problem I've written about occurs only when observer is registered inside an oncomplete function.

 var ractive = new Ractive({
    el: '#container',
    template: 'a: <input value="{{a}}"><br>b: <input value="{{b}}">',
    data: {
        a: 'alpha',
        b: 'beta'
    oncomplete: function(){
        this.observe('a', function(val){
            alert('@oncomplete ' + val + missingVar_oncomplete);
        }, { init: false });       

Test cases: http://jsfiddle.net/Lqgoacvz/

  • Looks like an issue in Ractive. Investigating... – martypdx Oct 29 '14 at 12:41

Issue and PR have been made to address oncomplete errors not showing up on console.

As the issue stems from oncomplete being called asynchronously, you could also move your observers and event handlers to an earlier lifecycle event. They can come as early as oninit, or in onrender if there's DOM access. Obviously if there's post DOM transition reasons, they would need to stay in oncomplete.

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