I've checked some questions very similar to mine and tried everything I knew. This bug is driving me crazy.

I am doing a "game" which consists on a NxN tables with numbers 1-8 and the number 0 (this numbers are represented as image files, and the number 0 is a transparent image). The purpouse of the game is to get all numbers in order. This is a link so you get a brief idea of what I am talking about --> Game.

So when I click number 2 (In the example) It should go down and the transparent image should go up (changing the src).

This is my code:

 <script language="JavaScript">
const N=3;
var aTabla= CrearTabla(N);

for (f=0;f<N;f++){
    for (c=0;c<N;c++){
        document.write('<img src = "Numbers2/n'+aTabla[f][c]+'.gif" id="im'+f+c+'" onclick="mover('+f+','+c+');tiempo()" >');

function mover(f,c){

    if(aTabla[f][c+1] == 0){

        aAux = aTabla[f][c+1];
        aTabla[f][c+1] = aTabla[f][c];
        aTabla[f][c] = aAux;

        aux = document.images["im"+f+(c+1)].src;
        document.images["im"+f+(c+1)].src = document.images["im"+f+c].src;
        document.images["im"+f+c].src = aux;
    if(aTabla[f][c-1] == 0){

        aAux = aTabla[f][c-1];
        aTabla[f][c-1] = aTabla[f][c];
        aTabla[f][c] = aAux;

        aux = document.images["im"+f+(c-1)].src;
        document.images["im"+f+(c-1)].src = document.images["im"+f+c].src;
        document.images["im"+f+c].src = aux;
    if(aTabla[f-1][c] == 0 && aTabla[f-1][c] != 'undefined'){

        aAux = aTabla[f-1][c];
        aTabla[f-1][c] = aTabla[f][c];
        aTabla[f][c] = aAux;

        aux = document.images["im"+(f-1)+c].src;
        document.images["im"+(f-1)+c].src = document.images["im"+f+c].src;
        document.images["im"+f+c].src = aux;
    if(aTabla[f+1][c] == 0 && aTabla[f+1][c] != 'undefined'){

        aAux = aTabla[f+1][c];
        aTabla[f+1][c] = aTabla[f][c];
        aTabla[f][c] = aAux;

        aux = document.images["im"+(f+1)+c].src;
        document.images["im"+(f+1)+c].src = document.images["im"+f+c].src;
        document.images["im"+f+c].src = aux;


function CrearTabla(N) is an already done function that works perfecty. It return a 2D array. And the parameter is use as NxN so in my case it creates a 3x3 table.

The games works perfectly when I move numbers left, right and up, even when I move numbers down if the case that they are in line 2 and 3 ( f == 0 and f == 1 in array positions). But when I try to move and element that is on the first line (number 2 in my the link that i provided) It gives an error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '2' of undefined

What can I do to fix that? I am new to javascript.

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    When you debug this, which specific line throws the error? What are the values of the variables on that line? Where did those values come from? – David Oct 29 '14 at 12:04
  • //Arriba if(aTabla[f-1][c] == 0 && aTabla[f-1][c] != 'undefined') and this //Arriba if(aTabla[f-1][c] == 0 && aTabla[f-1][c] != 'undefined') – Veslor Oct 29 '14 at 12:06
  • Then either aTable is undefined or aTable[f-1] is undefined. Which one is it? And where did you expect it to be defined? You need to debug this. – David Oct 29 '14 at 12:07
  • Yeah aTable[f-1]is undefined thats why I put != 'undefinedDunno how to debug it :S – Veslor Oct 29 '14 at 12:09
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    I don't think you do know what I mean. You're not trying to reference any properties on aTabla[f][c-1], so of course it's not going to fail. But you are trying to reference properties on aTabla[f-1], which according to you is undefined. You can't reference properties on undefined. That's exactly what the error is telling you. Just because you can reference properties on other things doesn't change the fact that you can't reference properties on undefined. – David Oct 29 '14 at 12:19

What you need to do is to check that you are always accessing a valid location, that is both the row and the column is between 0 and 2. In your function we can assume that (f, c) is a valid location in the board. But things like (f-1, c) might not always be a valid location. So, you need to check them:

if(c+1 <= 2 && aTabla[f][c+1] == 0){...
if(c-1 >= 0 && aTabla[f][c-1] == 0){...
if(f-1 >= 0 && aTabla[f-1][c] == 0){...
if(f+1 <= 2 && aTabla[f+1][c] == 0){...

If the first condition is false, the second condition will not be evaluated, preventing the TypeError in your current code.

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  • Thank you for your answer. I couldn't see it :S – Veslor Oct 29 '14 at 14:34

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