I installed an openLDAP server on Ubuntu 14.04 and set the admin password during the installation. But now I'm not able to connect with this password. cn=admin exists because I can see it when iI login as anonymous user. What can I do?

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you can set the admin password with

sudo dpkg-reconfigure slapd

to a new one.

then you need to login with the full credentials of the admin user and the domain, like:


Run the search

ldapsearch -H ldap:// -x -s base -b "" -LLL "+"

find the dc=xxx,dc=xxx,dc=xxx and then try to run a command, for example:

ldapadd -x -W -D "cn=ldapadm,dc=xxx,dc=xxx,dc=xxx" -f /etc/openldap/slapd.d/xxxxx.ldif

many times is not the password the problem

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