I'm noticing strange behavior with the YouTube iframe API and I'm looking for guidance. I'm trying to use the API to embed a video (or a playlist) which includes closed captioning enabled by default. The YouTube docs say to set cc_load_policy=1 in the URL to show captions even if the user's preferences do not include them by default.

The problem is that I get inconsistent behavior - seemingly at random - across YouTube. Some videos show captions, others don't.

Here's a working example

It's embed code is:


Here's a non-working example using the exact same embed code syntax



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Does anyone have insight or thoughts into this behavior? Or is it a case of, "YouTube is a big website, wait a little longer?"


Answering in case others are seeing the same behavior.

The cc_load_policy option with the iframe API only displays captions on videos that have caption files uploaded with them. The auto-captioning done by YouTube doesn't behave the same way. Apparently, this was done intentionally because the auto-captions aren't nearly as precise as a dedicated caption file. But, the docs make no mention of this.

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