I have created an instance in Amazon web services, and I have connected to the server using putty through ssh.

But I do not know how to install tomcat 8 in amazon ec2. Please help me with this.


You can use yum tool to install the tomcat8 packer from amazon default repository.

The command is: yum install tomcat8-webapps tomcat8-admin-webapps


If you also want to know the help documentation, the command is: sudo yum install tomcat8-webapps tomcat8-docs-webapp tomcat8-admin-webapps


For Amazon AMI 2, Tomcat is available in Amazon Linux Extra topic "tomcat8.5"

To use, run

# sudo amazon-linux-extras install tomcat8.5

Learn more at https://aws.amazon.com/amazon-linux-2/faqs/#Amazon_Linux_Extras


The below Link works well for EC2 / Linux or Mac

sudo yum install tomcat8-webapps tomcat8-docs-webapp tomcat8-admin-webapps

This will install:

  1. WebApps Folder
  2. Tomcat documentation (Gives local documentation for qucik reference)
  3. Admin App : through which you can install / export / start /stop / reload an application (without having to login)

Note: When a Manager App is installed - be sure to change the default roles and permissions etc and Password too. Otherwise you are very vulnerable. Its best to disable the admin module for better security.


For this:

  1. you need to do copy the tomcat tar file path wget <tar file path>
  2. unzip the tar file tar -zvxf apache-tomcat-xxxx.tar.zf
  3. you need to set the users and port number and then stop and restart the tomcat server


  1. first check whether java has to be installed on your instance or not.
  2. if not, install java: yum install java -y
  3. go to the tomcat-Apache.org site, and copy the link to the tar.gz file
  4. open the terminal and execute this command: sudo wget <tar.gz path>
  5. unzip the tar file: tar -vxzf Apache-tomcat-xxxx.tar.gz
  6. setup users and port number (by default 8080)
  7. then shutdown and start the tomcat server: ./shutdown.sh and ./startup.sh

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