I'm working on moving some WPF code to Windows Universal app and I'm using ReactiveUI.

From the ReactiveUI 6 migration guide:

Several Routing classes that never worked properly have been removed, and routing is Generally Discouraged from being used in anything other than a WPF app.

Does this General Discouragement™ mean I should not use RoutedViewHost in a universal app, or is this referring to something else?

  1. This question about WP7 leads me to believe that it shouldn't be used.

  2. This question about WP8 makes me think it should work. (Other than the reference to ReactiveUI.Mobile, which doesn't exist anymore.)

My universal app contains a single Page with a RoutedViewHost, (basically, the same setup as #2) but when I tap the hardware back button my app exits no matter how deep into the navigation stack I am. I'm not sure whether I've done something wrong, or if this just doesn't work for universal apps and I should convert to Frame / Page nav.


Turns out that handling of the back button changed in Universal Apps. I added some code in App.xaml.cs to handle the hardware BackPressed event and pop the RoutingState's navigation stack and it works as expected.

See: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-US/library/windows/apps/xaml/dn639128.aspx

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