I am facing problems with Elasticsearch. I am unable to get the results. I checked in log files i got the following error:

2014-10-30 08:52:46,971][DEBUG][action.search.type       ] [Lianda] [135] Failed to execute fetch phase
[Error: Runtime.getRuntime().exec("cd").getInputStream(): Cannot run program "cd": java.io.IOException: error=2, No such file or directory]
[Near : {... w InputStreamReader(Runtime.getRuntime().exec("cd" ....}]

Below are the version I am using:

  • elastic search version: 0.90.5
  • java version: 1.6.0_33 64 bit
  • plugin installed: phonetic

The strange thing is that, whenever I am getting this error, I restart the elastic search server and its works.

So I think something is getting overloaded.

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Based on seeing the Runtime.getRuntime().exec() call, it could be related to a dynamic scripting vulnerability in the defaults of elastic search prior to version 1.2. See this document on scripting security.

If that is the source of your problem, you can put in a fix in your current version (or upgrade to a newer version). From the link above:

If you are running an Elasticsearch node prior to the 1.2.x release, you can make this change on your system by putting the following setting into elasticsearch.yml:

script.disable_dynamic: true

Then restart each node in your cluster. Dynamic scripting will now be disabled. If you are running Elasticsearch 1.2.x or later, dynamic scripting is already disabled by default.

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