C:\wamp\bin\mysql\mysql5.6.17 has my.ini. I add text log=c:/wamp/logs/mysql_query.log but it's not working.

Any changes do not work. I tried to rename the file myblablabla.ini, but WAMP server successfully started. I think, he uses a different configuration file. How to find it?

Thanks for the help.


If you are using the 64bit version of WAMPServer 2.4 or 2.5 there was a little mistake in the release.

MySQL looks in its ini file for a section that matches its service name, to get its parameters from. The 64bit MySQL Service is called wampmysqld64 and therefore the my.ini section header should also be wampmysqld64

Use the wampmanager menus to edit my.ini like this

wampmanager -> MYSQL -> my.ini

So edit your my.ini and find this line


Then change it to


MySQL will now pickup the parameters you set within that section.

  • Fanks for your advice. I'm realy using the 64bit version of WAMPServer 2.5. I opened my.ini and changed [wampmysqld] to [wampmysqld64]. After them WAMP doesn't start. When I can see log? – Sergey Krivochenko Oct 31 '14 at 13:10
  • Use the wampmanager menus to look at wampmanager->MySQL->ErrorLog or wampmanager->Apache->ErrorLog also try looking at the Windows Event Viewer for message from Apache and MySQL. But if thats all you changed then I would say that you messed up when adding stuff to my.ini while it was not seeing your changes – RiggsFolly Oct 31 '14 at 14:05
  • Error causes a row log = c:/wamp/logs/mysql_query.log. I changed it to general-log=1 general-log-file = c:/wamp/logs/mysql_query.log and it's ok. Thank you! – Sergey Krivochenko Nov 7 '14 at 8:37
  • Hello @RiggsFolly , I can't find my.ini when I am using WAMPSERVER, I didn't install MySQL separately, Thanks. – TiyebM Feb 25 '16 at 13:56
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    @TiyebBellal Use the wampmanager menu wampmanager -> MYSQL -> my.ini that will open my.ini in your default editor – RiggsFolly Feb 25 '16 at 13:58

The answer above is correct but not totally, at least for me. I'm using wampserver 2.5 64bit. I must add BOTH [wampmysqld64] and [mysqld64] section in my .ini file in order to make it works!



Go to wamp icon and do like this: 1. Wamp > MySQL > MySQL console

  1. Run select @@sql_mode; // check results

  2. Wamp > MySQL > my.ini // edit file with the code I've mentioned above.

  3. Restart wamp all services

  4. Run select @@sql_mode; // check results, need to be:

+--------------------------------------------+ | @@sql_mode | +--------------------------------------------+ | NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER,NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION | +--------------------------------------------+

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    Downvoted and no comment.. for what reason little guy? I'm trying to help here... This is one by one the situation I had and maybe other will have the same issue! If it works for someone, perfect, my pleasure to help! If no, skip to the next solution. Good luck ;) – llioor Dec 8 '17 at 14:20
  • Just tried adding datadir="D:/bitnami/data" to both sections, no joy. Any ideas? – SeanJ Apr 24 at 15:25

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