Is it possible to integrate Parasoft SOA webservices test with Jenkins?

I have a soatest project created to test my webservices. I would like it to automate running soatest scripts through Jenkins in each build. Is there any possible way we can perform this task?

I hope you guys can understand the question

Thank you in advance!

  • Is the soatest project a standalone application? If so, you can invoke the soatest application as a testing step in Jenkins, for instance, using TestNG or JUnit to invoke the application. – Bob Dalgleish Oct 31 '14 at 12:09
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You can use soatestcli to run tests in a Jenkins shell or batch build step, if your licence allows that. The normal syntax is

soatestcli -data absolutePathToYourWorkspace -config 'user://YourTestConfigurationName' -resource YourProject/YourTestFile.tst -report .

You can also use the HTML Publisher plugin or DocLinks plugin to publish your report.html to Jenkins.

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