I'm a Python developer taking the plunge into Clojure and decided that taking on a real project is they best way to get started (after learning syntax of course). I decided to build a REST API for a project that I'm working on. Things that are worth knowing:

  • The database already exists.
  • The schema is already defined, implemented, and filled with data.
  • The web portion of the app is written in Django, which communicates directly with the DB.
  • The database is MySQL.

So my question is, what is the best framework for creating REST API in Clojure in late 2014? I've so far come across Caribou and Liberator, but don't know how to evaluate which is better (being a Clojure noob).

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You have several high-quality options:

You can't wrong with any of them. But, from your requirements, Liberator seems like a very good choice. Give each of them a try and stick with the one you like the most.

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    Thanks. This is exactly the kind of list I'm looking for. Just checked out Liberator and it seems like the way to go after a deeper dive. – Jack Slingerland Oct 31 '14 at 16:22
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    I'd start out with Compojure + github.com/clojure/java.jdbc and/or github.com/krisajenkins/yesql for SQL. Hook some routes up to DB queries. Write some auth* middleware. It's your foundation and often all you need. A tool like Liberator sits on top of Compojure, anyways. – danneu Nov 1 '14 at 14:45
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    updated link for Rook: github.com/AvisoNovate/rook – lsh Jul 31 '15 at 13:34

I have also written a Webmachine port called Bishop. In terms of behavior, it is pretty close to the Erlang and Ruby projects.

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