In my .vimrc I have the following:

" Use j/k to navigate the word completion popup menu
inoremap <expr> j pumvisible() ? "\<C-N>" : "j"
inoremap <expr> k pumvisible() ? "\<C-P>" : "k"

This works perfect when using vim within a terminal, however this is not compatible with vrapper (eclipse vim plugin). Vrapper completely stops working when these settings are in my .vimrc. In my home directory I have a .vrapperrc file, which is simply a symobolic link pointing to my .vimrc file. Hence the vim settings which are loaded for vim / vrapper are equal.

Is there a way that in my .vimrc I can detect that the settings are loaded for vrapper instead of default (terminal) vim. That way I would like to disable these settings for vrapper and just load them when vim is used from the command line. Perhaps there is a different smart way to solve this issue. Of course I could create two .vimrc files, one for default vim and one for vrapper, however that way I would need to maintain two files which I would like to prevent.


I had a similar problem in which Vrapper executed the contents of my functions immediately because it didn't understand what they were.

I solved it by wrapping the vim only code with

if has("eval")
    " vim only code

which caused Vrapper to ignore it.


As @romainl noted, Vrapper only understands a limited set of Vim commands and features. Function definitions, ternaries and <expr> are definately not supported.

If you are willing to split your rc files, you could use the source command to at least reuse one of them.

For example, put these basic settings in your .vrapperrc:

set ignorecase
set hlsearch

Then you can do this in your .vimrc:

" Load common settings for Vim / Vrapper
source .vrapperrc
" ... Other Vim-specific settings

Note that Vrapper also has a source command, so you could in theory have 3 rc files with the "common" settings shared between the two:

Example .vrapperrc:

set novisualmouse
source .vimcommonrc

Example .vimrc

" Use j/k to naviage the word completion popup menu
inoremap <expr> j pumvisible() ? "\<C-N>" : "j"
inoremap <expr> k pumvisible() ? "\<C-P>" : "k"
source .vimcommonrc

And the common settings:

set hlsearch
set ignorecase

It's your choice.


How do you think it would work?

Your ~/.vimrc is not a sentient being that can take decisions by itself: it needs to be sourced by a program that understands it and… that program is Vim.

Vrapper only supports a subset of Vim's vocabulary so it is not very reasonable to expect it to behave exactly like Vim. The main missing feature that would make possible the detection you are asking about is vimscript: since Vrapper doesn't support it you can't use an if-else-endif construction!

Because the two programs support vastly different sets of options and commands I'm afraid you will have to manage two separate files.

Did you try Vrapper's :source command?

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