I have migrated recently from Glassfish 4 to Wildfly 8.1

I have configured JMS Connection Factory and Destination in Glassfish as:

connection factory------------------------------
jndi name: emailConnectionFactory
resource type: javax.jms.QueueConnectionFactory

destination ------------------------------------
jndi name: emailQueue
resource type: javax.jms.Queue

In Wildfly I go to Configuration->Messaging->Destinations->Connection Factories and enter values name and jndi name as above. but it tells me that jndi name must start from 'java:/' or 'java:jboss/'. I tried to use jndi name as 'java:/ConnectionFactory' and destination and in Configuration->Messaging->Destinations->queue/topics jndi name as 'java:/jms/queue/emailQueue'

but it didnt gave me and exception and didnt send email with previous email setting


Do the same configuration in standalone-full.xml file . link1



cool. our team is also doing the same thing - migrating a huge glassfish4 app to wildfly.

Keep this in mind,

  1. For connection factory must be prefixed with java:/ or
    java:jboss/exported/ (for remote access).
  2. For queues and topics, use the same rule. Any jms-queue or jms-topic which needs to be accessed by a remote client needs to have an entry in the "java:jboss/exported" namespace.

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