All React.js introductions seem to suggest that React uses a server to create virtual DOMs and sends diff operations over to client, but I just tried out the flux-todomvc which it didn't need a server at all. What's going on? Is the "server side" work done inside web worker thread?

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React.js does not use a web server to create virtual DOMs. It builds the virtual DOM and does its diff operations on the client's browser.

  • People mostly use React.js to implement front-end Views (MVC View) of their web applications.
  • But you can use Node.js to render them on the server side if you like (for seo purposes etc.)

  • http://facebook.github.io/react/

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    Well someone has to serve react files so that the front end view loads the page. I don't get it, where do we get the react webpage FROM?
    – SudoPlz
    Jun 6, 2015 at 13:19

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