According to this http://wix.tramontana.co.hu/tutorial/user-interface/ui-wizardry

I have created the following code

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Wix xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/wix/2006/wi">
  <Product Id="*" Name="Installer" Language="1033" Version="" Manufacturer="my" UpgradeCode="*">
    <Package InstallerVersion="200" Compressed="yes" InstallScope="perMachine" />
    <MajorUpgrade DowngradeErrorMessage="A newer version of [ProductName] is already installed." />
    <MediaTemplate EmbedCab="yes" />
    <!--icon for Add/Remove Programs-->
    <Icon Id="WINDOWS.ico" SourceFile="..\WINDOWS.ico" />
    <Property Id="ARPPRODUCTICON" Value="WINDOWS.ico" />
    <Feature Id="ProductFeature" Title="Installer" Level="1" Description="The complete installation" Display="expand" ConfigurableDirectory="INSTALLFOLDER">
      <ComponentRef Id="ProgramMenuDir" />
      <ComponentGroupRef Id="ExportReleaseComponentGroup" />          
    <!--Internal tools-->
    <Feature Id="Internal_Calibration_tools" Title="Internal Calibration tools" Level="1000" Description="Internal tools">
      <ComponentGroupRef Id="group_Internal_Calibration_tools" />
    <UIRef Id="WixUI_Mondo"></UIRef>
    <UIRef Id="WixUI_ErrorProgressText" />
    <WixVariable Id="WixUIExclamationIco" Value="..\Import\WINDOWS_32px.ico" />
    <WixVariable Id="WixUIInfoIco" Value="..\Import\WINDOWS_32px.ico" />
    <WixVariable Id="WixUINewIco" Value="..\Import\WINDOWS_16px.ico" />
    <WixVariable Id="WixUIUpIco" Value="..\Import\WINDOWS_16px.ico" />
    <Directory Id="TARGETDIR" Name="SourceDir">
      <Directory Id="ProgramFiles64Folder">

However I still can't see the icons changing.
enter image description here

enter image description here

in bootstrap everything works fine and all of the icons were changed.

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You should add this. The whole top banner image should be added.

<WixVariable Id="WixUIBannerBmp" Value="..\images\banner.bmp" />

Make sure its in the correct size and it must be a bitmap image.

Reference : http://wixtoolset.org/documentation/manual/v3/wixui/wixui_customizations.html


You are showing an image of the Top Banner if you want to change that, you need to create a 493 × 58 bitmap, that will serve as the background layer for the dialogues titles and texts.

So add this line in the Product element:

<WixVariable Id="WixUIBannerBmp" Value="$(var.ImagesDir)\[YOUR BITMAP HERE].bmp" />

You'll find the other WixVariables you need to change the default WIX UI here

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